ANEMOS VILLA - Aeriko Villas in Lefkada, Agios Ioannis, Greece


The unique Anemos villa emphasizes the dreamy aspect of the Lefkadian countryside lifestyle and honors it with delicate style and decor. Its name was inspired by the wind element of the area, as it enjoys the summer breeze and undisturbed views of the sea. The interior elevates the experience with a very intriguing living space and its green country-style kitchen with Lefkadian aspects.

Additionally, the exquisite white marble bathrooms create an ethereal aura of relaxation, elevated by the vintage style of the villa’s bedrooms. One-of-a kind metal beds and country furniture decorate the rooms of this elegant villa. Enjoy the sunset from Anemos’ balcony above Agios Ioannis Beach for a memorable note of Lefkadian vacation.



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